Saving Tricks for Old House Renovations

Saving Tricks for Old House Renovations

April 7, 2021 0 By admin

Remodeling the house certainly requires careful preparation. just say starting from the concept design to the amount of the cost. The more space you want to renovate, of course, there will be a large cost that you have to prepare. If the funds you have are fairly mediocre, you can outsmart the Home Improvement process to be simpler.

Interior Furniture Update

Old houses are generally filled with old furniture that seems boring. Generally, this is experienced by those who buy second-hand houses that contain some heavy furniture. To outsmart, you have two choices: buy a new one, or repair old furniture. If the choice is to buy a new one, then choose modern-style furnishing to support your interior to make it look fresh. Starting from adding sofa cushions, pop art paintings or new carpets with bold textures and colors. Meanwhile, if you want to repair old furniture, you can repaint the cabinet, nightstand, kitchen set, or other furniture that allows it to be repainted. With a limited fee, you can give a different impression to the room.

Change room function

Generally, old houses have ineffective space division plans. For example, the living room is so wide, while the bedroom is very narrow. Likewise, a very long kitchen. Well, you can work around this by adding gaps in the room that are too large. Or switch functions. For example, part of the kitchen is combined with the room, while half of the living room is used as a garage.

Good preparation

About six months before the scheduled renovation, start drawing the designs you want. Do your research and consult lots of friends or even design experts. After the design is mature enough, look for a builder or contractor reference according to your needs and budget. Three months later, then you do a survey of building shops. If some of the ingredients are too expensive, try to find alternatives. Don’t forget to contact the contractor to discuss your renovation plans. You need to consider these material before you start the renovation. Sometimes it can take a while to order special, handcrafted ingredients. One month before the target, the space to be renovated must begin to be renovated. Remove items so they don’t interfere or get damaged. So, you are not bothered with a schedule of cleaning up on the day.