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    Meeker County is a special place, and its residents are deserving of a special kind of hospital staff. Like you, we’re earnest people. We know our neighbors, look out for the community and lend a helping hand. We’re also among the best medical staffs in Minnesota – highly trained, exceptionally professional and at the forefront of advancements. What’s more, our facilities and specialties ensure you receive the finest treatment. You see, reaching out with care isn’t a tagline. It’s a heartfelt pledge to the community.

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    Meeker County Memorial Hospital Set To Open Clinic in Dassel Clinic Will Provide Meeker County Area with Comprehensive Healthcare for Families
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    Avoid Colon Cancer with Colonoscopy
    Katie Couric has been a tireless promoter of colonoscopies.

    MCMH Outreach Specialty Program Services
    Did you know that Meeker County Memorial Hospital (MCMH) offers comprehensive specialty care on an outreach basis?
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    Detect and Prevent Cancer at the Earliest Stages with a PET Scan
    When detected early, cancer can often be cured.